Here you will find some of the apps we have developed.



Mobile applications

We develop native apps for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone 7 and 8, Blackberry, HTML5 and Google Glass.

Services in the Cloud

Web administration panels, APIs and Backend for Apps.

Integration with existing systems

We offer mobility solutions to companies who want to improve their productivity and efficiency with the incorporation of intranet, CRMs and ERPs (SAP).

Guidance and mobile strategy

Guidance, release, advertisement, advanced statistics, ROI, updates and maintenance.

Ahorra cada vez que tengas que echarle gasolina al coche, con nuestra app Gasolineras Baratas.

Nuestra App Gasolineras Baratas es tu mejor compañera de viaje ya que te permite ahorrar en cada repostaje encontrando la gasolinera más barata cercana a tu posición, dibujada sobre un mapa y con el importe que ahorrarás repostando en cada una de ellas.

Camera Effects by Mobilendo

Añade efectos y marcos en tiempo real a tus fotografías.

Con esta aplicación puedes guardar los resultados y compartirlos en tus redes sociales: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram o Tuenti.

Ideas Lab


We make the most of your ideas to create powerful, useful and innovative applications.



We work with major clients and we develop mobility solutions for all kinds of companies.



Our team includes the best developers in multiple platforms for native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML5.


Design and usability

Our applications show a clear and attractive design that catches the attention of the target audience and make navigation easier to the user.



From the moment you share your idea with us, we start to work to find the best results.

Our purpose is to create innovative and useful mobile applications which improve people’s quality of life.

Our work

More than 100 tailor-made apps requested by third parties.
More than 30 own native apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.
More than 10,000,000 worldwide downloads of our own apps.

Our prizes

Since we started, our app developers have been awarded by important companies such as: Vodafone, Microsoft, Yuzz – Banesto Foundation and Bancaja Foundation among others.


Some media have talked about us, such as newspapers, magazines, television and online media: El Mundo, La Razón, TVE, MSN and Emprendedores magazine, among others.


Our prizes


Acknowledgment of Mobilendo’s good work

Vodafone App Star Competition, Spanish Winners (2010) 2º Premio Microsoft Imagine Mobile 2010 España Ganadores Premio Yuzz Valencia de la Fundación Banesto, 2011 Premio Empresa Creada por Jóvenes Emprendedores, Día de la Persona Emprendedora 2011Premio Startup de desarrollo de Software, Día de la Persona Emprendedora 2011 logo1 Premio Bancaja Jóvenes Emprendedores 2011, Fundación Bancaja Finalistas Concurso internacional Microsoft App Star 2013 Premio Santander Empresa Yuzz, 2014